A divided world requires honest dialogue in order to strengthen and heal. We believe in the dignity of all people, and the sins of racism and injustice harm that image. The Open Table provides trainings about racism, organizing and de-escalation that work across racial lines, creating a space for dialogue that acknowledges systemic cultural sins, and offers strategies and skills to challenge institutional barriers.

Our trainers have been trained by Tseng Development Group, an organization with over 20 years of experience in anti-racism curriculum development. All the trainings listed below are interactive and facilitated by both people of color and white folks together.



Racism is talked about frequently in today’s political climate, but often folks are operating on different definitions of the term. The Open Table offers an anti-racism training aiming to establish a common working definition so we can work together against systemic racism in all its forms. This interactive training is an introduction to the deeper work of dismantling racism within your own context. Our objectives are to help members of your institution establish a common understanding of structural racism, build a common understanding of how movements are built, and to create an environment where members of your institution are ready to take steps to become actively anti-racist.


Peacemaking is a skill that requires practice and repetition. Without it, it is difficult to know how to respond when encountering racism in our community. The Open Table offers an interactive workshop aimed at equipping people with practical tools to disrupt, distract and diffuse tense situations, especially when race is involved. The objective of this training is to teach and practice skills that will equip folks in ways of intervening, while centering the person of color who is affected.


Words can be used to both escalate and de-escalate different situations. Join us for an interactive workshop that looks at how language can be leveraged to de-escalate conflicts and help create a long-lasting peace, both around the dinner table as well as out in the larger community. The objective of this training is to teach and practice nonviolent communication tools that allow for healthier conflict to take place, regardless of the setting.


We have offered antiracism trainings at a variety of organizations, community groups, and churches locally, regionally, and nationally. Below are some examples of our past training sites.

1,001 New Worshiping Communities (PCUSA), Avila University, Alive and Well KC, Green Party of Kansas City, Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, John Knox Kirk, Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance, Kansas City Public LibraryOasis KC, Manifesto Speakeasy, Monarch Coffee, The Rieger, Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church, Second Presbyterian Church, Uzazi Village, Youthfront.



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