Rarely does a day go by when we do not hear news of violence against humans or the earth, explicit and implicit racism, abuse of power and wealth, and other forms of injustice. How do we establish hope, rest, and resilience within ourselves, so that when these storms come we are ready to face them and move beyond what exists, to building a new vision of community? How can we integrate deep spiritual roots with active justice commitments? If you are ready to have this conversation, we hope you will join a new cohort forming at The Open Table KC for an 8-week exploration of these questions and issues.

This cohort will engage in action and reflection practices designed to strengthen individuals as they do the work within themselves and their communities. Using a dialogical format, we will engage as both learners and teachers, and emerge with renewed inner strength and commitment. Our starting point will be from the Christian tradition—particularly the mystics and liberation theology—but anyone is welcome regardless of faith background.

Still not sure? Below are a few statements which may help you discern whether you are ready to dive in:

  • You are feeling an inner pull towards personal and communal growth.
  • You want to help write a new story for a world where equity and compassion are the norm.
  • You see humanity and the earth as interconnected and ever-evolving.
  • You already have some form of established spiritual and activism practices in your life.
  • You are ready for change, even if it means stepping into discomfort and ambiguity.
  • You have already been moving towards authentic, accountable relationships and are not afraid to have honest conversations with yourself or others.
  • You are ready to take action within yourself, your community, and your world.
  • You have already been engaging in “the work” of knowing yourself and your shadows, including the impact of racism and other forms of systemic oppression.
  • You have the capacity to commit to each element of the program and be present for each gathering, online or in person.
  • You understand that this is not just a class, but a lifelong process and commitment.

If you are interested in joining the cohort, please complete the application and submit it by the deadline of February 17! We will begin meeting in March 2020. Limited partial scholarships are available.

This project was made possible thanks to a Paragon Grant from the Synod of Mid-America, Presbyterian Church (USA). These funds support new initiatives in mission which are innovative and thoughtful projects that could not otherwise be budgeted for.


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