Systemic Racism: Poor People’s Campaign

Racism is the United States’ original sin, and it continues today, but in different forms. Slavery, lynching, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the war on drugs, mass incarceration, and unjust policing practices are just some examples of how systemic racism has shifted over time. Today, 23 states have adopted voter suppression laws, 25 states have pre-empted cities from raising the minimum wage, and the prison population has ballooned to 1.5 million people, with people of color accounting for 66% of the prison population, despite making up only 39% of the total population. Rev. Rodney Williams, pastor of Swope Parkway United Christian Church, will facilitate a discussion on the long-lasting effects of racism, and the work that is being done to undo systemic racism in all its forms.

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318 E 55th St. KCMO 64113

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