At our last gathering, Dr. David May from Central Baptist Theological Seminary led our conversation about the three parables contained in Matthew 25.  We discussed the kind of subversive hospitality practiced by Jesus, in which we befriend and help the “least of these”, while speaking truth to power and the systems which help perpetuate their struggles.  Dr. May shared a list of resources, which are listed below.  Check them out and be changed by these new readings of Jesus’ parables!

  • Richard Rohrbaugh, “A Peasant Reading of the Parable of the Talents/Pounds: A Text of Terror?” Biblical Theology Bulletin, vol. 23, no. 1 (spring 1993): 32-39

Note: There is a cost to download this journal article, but you can print off a copy for free at a local seminary library, such as Nazarene Theological Seminary in KCMO or Central Baptist Theological Seminary (where Dr. May teaches) in Shawnee, KS.

In addition, below are a few study Bibles which have good notes for deeper study about the context and culture of the Bible. Check Amazon or Half Price Books to find a discounted copy!

 The New Interpreters’ Study Bible (NRSV)
Harper Collins Study Bible
Common English Study Bible

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