INTRODUCTION Welcome! The Open Table is currently not meeting for dinner church due to the Coronavirus disease outbreak (for more information on our plans, visit this blog post) and the most recent KCMO restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people. We know this is a stressful, uncertain time, and we will continue to look for ways to offer community…

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COVID-19 & The Open Table Community

My, my, my. What a time we are finding ourselves in as a local, national, and global community. As information is changing daily, if not hourly, on this virus, The Open Table will do our best to keep this updated on how our community will continue to gather and support one another at this time. As a staff, we are…

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Subversive-Self Care Resource List: You Are Enough

At The Open Table, we recently began a new series entitled Embracing Our Whole Selves. To launch this new topic, we began with table conversations around equity, boundaries, self-care practices, and counter-cultural practices to care for ourselves, our community, and continue the work of justice in the world. As part of this series, we wanted to offer up a subversive…

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2020 Open Table Time Change

For a few months now, we have been asking our community what changes would make our gatherings more accessible to folks, and we received much feedback about the current time of our gatherings. As a growing community, our hope is to continue making space for the next generation to thrive within the healing & spiritual framework we teach. We found…

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2019 has been a wild ride for The Open Table. Five years ago, when The Open Table started, none of us could have ever imagined how healthy and vibrant this community would become. Over the course of these five years all of you helped shape the direction The Open Table is going, and many of you have led in various capacities to…

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Why art as activism? Through out history, art, poetry, and iconography have been at the center of these movements, if not the catalyst for the movement itself. As a community, we are engaging with local creatives on how they use creativity and talent to further social causes and bring new perspectives to each issue; all the while, asking ourselves how…

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*Above Image: Walid Berrazeg, https://wberrazeg.com Our immigration series continued on 8/25, hearing from local organization Immigration Justice Advocacy Movement (IJAM). While AIRR (who we heard from in our first gathering of the immigration series) works with rapid response in regards to ICE and protection of families, IJAM stands alongside families facing deportation during the court process, accompaniment to hearings, housing assistance, and…

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The crisis at the US/Mexico border is hard to miss in the media these days. For many people, however, it is not an article you read online or hear on the radio, but a daily reality and deep fear that you and your loved ones might be separated all because of a piece of paper. Or a deep grief of…

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At a conference in 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King stated:  “Burnout is a surrender… We have just so much strength in us.  If we give and give, we have less and less and less–and after a while, a certain point, we’re so weak and worn, we hoist up the flag of surrender.  We surrender to the worst side of ourselves,…

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As we conclude this series on the divine feminine, the Open Table wanted to take an opportunity to let everyone delve deeper into the major themes covered throughout. For this evening, people at the gathering chose one major theme and take a second look in roundtable discussions. Various leaders within our community took the helm and facilitated these conversations. Choices…

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