Society, Faith and Beauty

On Sunday, Emily Bartlett, local massage therapist and photographer, facilitated a discussion on beauty.  We explored the difference between what society thinks is beautiful and what God thinks is beautiful.  It was a beautiful and vulnerable conversation.  To start our evening, she showed a video highlighting the kind of pressure that is put on women to look a certain way.…

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The Beauty of Creation

Matthew Dorning, of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, shared a prayer by St. Basil as a way to prepare us for our conversation about icons and worship.  It was so good we had to share it with all of you who couldn’t make it on Sunday. The marvelous perfection of creation, where everything fits and works together to bring about God’s…

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Benedictine Rest Exercise

As a follow up to our recent The Open Table gathering on Benedictine rest, Jon Bowles of Beggar’s Table Church asked us to consider the following to gauge how balanced our lives are: The Benedictines divide their lives into 4 quadrants: work, community, prayer, and rest. As a way to assess how balanced we are, think through an average week…

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A Jewish Prayer

At a recent interfaith discussion, Rabbi Jacques sent us off with the following. This is a good reminder that we have much to learn from one another, and can be inspired by people of other faith. Rav Ammi (Third Century, Tiberius), May you live to see your world fulfilled. May your destiny be for worlds still to come, and may…

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Rest and Prayer

We recently had local spiritual director, Shana Puckett, at The Open Table. She spoke about the connection between rest and prayer, and she read a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver. Enjoy, and remember to keep your pen in the air. I don’t know where prayers go, or what they do. Do cats pray, while they sleep half-asleep in the sun?…

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