Poor People's Campaign in DC!
June 23, 2018. All day
Organizer: Nick Pickrell

Across America, the Poor People’s Campaign is wielding collective action in May and June to abolish the “Triple Evils” of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism. We launched our season of non-violence on May 14 in Jefferson City and state capitols across America to target the epicenters of the country’s attacks on democracy and equality.

Now, black, white, and brown folks are coming together to meet in DC -- the poor, unions, workers, immigrants and refugees, the LGBTQ community, women, and low wage workers. Join us as we make history in DC. 

We launch our Poor People’s Campaign to win the battle for America to be what it ought to be: A place where “opportunity is real, and life is free,” and “equality is in the air we breathe!” as Langston Hughes so beautifully said. The time is now!

Stay tuned for more details on travel, location, and times.